Latest Binge


I grew up in the 90’s which was an era of life changing television..

I  was 7 years old in 1994, It was the year Friends premiered on television on September 22..

I was too young to have remembered watching it at that age, but I do remember watching for as long as I CAN remember, I grew up with this show.

All of the 6 characters, WERE my Friends.. and today, I’d like to say that my personality embodies a lot of their own.. I watch the entire series once a year.

By now I can converse fluently in Friends episodes.. My go to phrase is always

“Like that one time in Friends where…”

Yup.. I am THAT Friend, who is always comparing real life to the show :)

It has been a big part of my life,, my actual life.. this show played a big part when I got engaged, and it will remain a very special show.. for forever♥️

It’s been 15 years since the show’s final episode in 2004, the ending of an amazing show, and amazing series. Today, because of the magic of streaming, a whole new generation is also ‘too’ involved with Friends. It’s timeless. It’s here to stay.

Someday, I hope my children love the show as much as I do, and their children after that, and their many many children after that will say.. “My great great great grandmother was alive when it originally aired and watched it on network television and she sat on THE COUCH!” and the friends will say “What’s network television?” LOL

I’ve never loved a show as much as I’ve loved Friends.

It will continue to be my all time favorite, until my last days.

Also I’m totally positive they have the reruns in the afterlife :)

I’m not one to tell you what to watch and what not to watch..

Except this time.. if you have not watched Friends.. DO IT and DO IT NOW! It’s on Netflix!

Have Fun Binge Watching!