What Rose Forgot by Nevada Barr

Title: What Rose Forgot

Author: Nevada Barr

Release Date: September 17, 2019

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Synopsis: In New York Times bestselling author Nevada Barr's gripping standalone, a grandmother in her sixties emerges from a mental fog to find she's trapped in her worst nightmare 

Rose Dennis wakes up in a hospital gown, her brain in a fog, only to discover that she's been committed to an Alzheimer's Unit in a nursing home. With no memory of how she ended up in this position, Rose is sure that something is very wrong. When she overhears one of the administrators saying about her that she's "not making it through the week," Rose is convinced that if she's to survive, she has to get out of the nursing home. She avoids taking her medication, putting on a show for the aides, then stages her escape.

The only problem is—how does she convince anyone that she's not actually demented? Her relatives were the ones to commit her, all the legal papers were drawn up, the authorities are on the side of the nursing home, and even she isn't sure she sounds completely sane. But any lingering doubt Rose herself might have had is erased when a would-be killer shows up in her house in the middle of the night. Now Rose knows that someone is determined to get rid of her.

With the help of her computer hacker/recluse sister Marion, thirteen-year old granddaughter Mel, and Mel's friend Royal, Rose begins to gather her strength and fight back—to find out who is after her and take back control of her own life. But someone out there is still determined to kill Rose, and they're holding all the cards.

❥My Review: 68 year old Rose wakes up, in a hospital, in a strange place un beknownst to her. Her mind is a little out of sorts, a little foggy. When she realizes that she is in a nursing home, more specifically in care of a Memory Care Unit.. well she does not like that.. she immediately has a bad feeling. Like she’s in danger. There’s very little Rose can do if she’s bound to a home, under the watch of all these people.

It’s up to her to figure out how she got in there.. but also she needs to figure out a way to GET OUT!

Who can she trust?

The cover of this novel looks dark, intense, suspenseful. What I didn’t expect was Rose’s personality it REALLY threw me off, in a good way. As the reader, I felt like I knew her better then if I was just following along a character trying to figure some *ish out.

It’s a worth while read, I really enjoyed the twists. With a plot like this one, you don’t really know where it will lead, I liked not knowing, and I was surprised when I found out!

No spoilers, BUT that was a great ending!

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Love, Ellie