The Right Sort of Man by Allison Montclair

Title: The Right Sort of Man

Author: Allison Montclair

Release Date: June 4 2019

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★  

Synopsis: In London, 1946, the two women who recently started The Right Sort Marriage Bureau find their new livelihood endangered when a client is arrested for the murder of another

In a London slowly recovering from the ravages of World War II, two very different women join forces to launch a business venture in the heart of Mayfair—The Right Sort Marriage Bureau. Miss Iris Sparks, avuncular and unmarried, and Mrs. Gwendolyn Bainbridge, practical and widowed with a young son, are determined to achieve some independence and do some good in a rapidly changing world.

But the promising start to their marriage bureau is threatened when their newest client, Tillie La Salle, is found murdered and the man arrested for the crime is one Dickie Trower, the prospective husband they matched her with. While the police are convinced they have their man, Miss Sparks and Mrs. Bainbridge are not. To clear Trower’s name—and to rescue their fledging operation’s reputation—Sparks and Bainbridge decide to investigate on their own, using the skills and contacts they’ve each acquired through life and their individual adventures during the recent war.

In this charming, compelling debut, Allison Montclair blends meticulous research with two brilliantly imagined main characters into the first in a wonderful new series.

My Review: Eeeek! What a great way to start a new series! 

The novel is written in third person, set in London, post WWII in 1946. 

The story starts a bit slow, but quickly picks up after a few chapters, it lays out the setting, and characters, and once you know all that the pages start turning fast.

The novel follows Iris and Gwen, two unlikely friends who start a business together. 

The Right Sort of Marriage Bureau, where they promise to find clients a perfect match.. business is successful, that is until Tillie, one of their clients, turns up murdered.. and upon further investigation they find out the main suspect is the same individual she was set up through their services, Dickie Trower.

Both Gwen and Iris are dealing with their personal happenings, but when their business is on the line, they are confined that their client is innocent of said murder, and they are determined to find proof.

With such wonderful historic detail, and a mystery on line, this is the perfect novel for readers who love a good mystery!!

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Love, Ellie

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