That's What Frenemies Are For by Sophie Littlefield & Lauren Gershell

Title: That’s What FrenemiesAare For

Author: Sophie Littlefield & Lauren Gershell

Release Date: July 30, 2019

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Synopsis: A Manhattan socialite turns her spin instructor into a fitness superstar to impress her friends. But can she keep her little project under control? Or has she created a monster?

Julia Summers seems to have it all: a sprawling Upper East Side apartment, a successful husband, and two adorable children attending the best private school in the city. She relishes wielding influence over her well-heeled girlfriends…but her star appears to be fading. That’s why, when stranded in Manhattan for the summer as her crowd flees to the Hamptons, Julia is on the hunt for the next big thing that will make her the envy of her friends and put her back on top.

Enter Flame, the new boutique gym in her neighborhood. Seductive and transformative, Flame’s spin classes are exactly what Julia needs—and demure, naïve instructor Tatum is her ticket in. But rebranding Tatum as a trendy guru proves hard work, and Julia’s triumphant comeback at summer’s end doesn’t quite go as planned. Tatum begins to grasp just how much power her newfound stardom holds, and when things suddenly get ugly, Julia realizes she’s in way over her head.

Julia’s life is already spiraling out of control when her husband is arrested for fraud and bribery. As her so-called friends turn their backs on her, and Tatum pursues her own agenda, Julia is forced to rethink everything she knew about her world to reclaim her perfect life. But does she even want it back? Hilarious and incisive, Sophie Littlefield and Lauren Gershell’s That’s What Frenemies Are For provides an engrossing glimpse into the cutthroat moms’ club of the Upper East Side.

My Review: Totally not expected, but this book was EVERYTHING!

I laughed way too hard, and page turned way too quick!

Super entertaining read full of all the drama, and I was here for every minute of it!

Ahh New York City.. The Upper East Side.. with all the people you love to hate.. or in some cases hate to love.. lol

Although this novel is DEFINITELY about class, and the upper class, is is also about friendship, and the way society has got A LOT to do with it.. 

We meet Julia, the ultimate ‘It girl’ she’s got the perfect husband, the perfect apartment, perfect friends.. summer rolls around and her friends leave her on her own in the big city. she’s antxty to find her next project. Cue the new gym instructor.. Tatum.. her new summer project.

Transforming Tatum and proving herself in this Upper East Side Club of ladies.

Umm.. but wait.. suddenly things go terribly wrong for Julia.. (of course they do) and she finds people who she thought she could turn to.. suddenly turn their backs on her.

Julia’s world turns upside down when she realizes everything she believed is a lie..

Or more realistically.. a lot of drama.. 

This novel was a true page turner.. and I loved it the entire way through!

You’ll get swept up in the drama.. and all the people involved..

You might even find yourself rooting for the least expected character!

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Love, Ellie

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